Beech Duke Facelift

So this Beech Duke model B60, N3344D leaves Airtronics with a refinished panel, and corrections to incoming deficiencies. The inop sperry yaw damper, cabin lights, gear position indicator light, electric trim, EGT, Sky Tek starter, right prop accummulator repaired.  The four cracked cabin cup faces were refaced.  The nav and altitude hold functions on Century 4 autopilot restored. The autopilo controller annunciations restored, and multiple ground loops causing audio wine eliminated.

The Garmin upgrade included a GTN750, with GMA35C bluetooth remote 3D audio panel, and a remote GTX345 ADSB in and out transponder. A Garmin certified G5 was added to the cockpit for reference. All primary original instruments remained. Adding this display is a minor alteration when unit is not replacing any required instruments. Notice the Airtronics custom flush mount of the G5. The pilots Ipad was mounted in an approved panel dock, and integrated to the GTN 750, and GTX345 by a FlightStream 510. 

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